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Studying abroad is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. These days university students are challanged and, even more, expected to meet the unknown, to step out into the world and take their internationalized and mastered self back home.

This is a true and, let us speak fair, very pleasant expectation of the globalized world.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (GPK) at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) welcomes international ERASMUS, exchange, and study abroad students, even for a short term, in all its engineering programs conducted in English.

Here below, please, find our academic offers as most important factors of your decsision making. In order to find the best available match for your studies at BME GPK, please, consider seriously the attached chart on prerequisites.


Academic Offers

Fall Spring






You can also check this, in a different format though, at



The Department of Energy Engineering can boast of running an ERASMUS Mundus Master Project called ME3, Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy. Read more about it.

Application Information

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