Why the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at BME?


The Reader is to find the answer. Take these few directions below first, and make your way through them.

One is a student opinion, the other is a set of aspects to consider the Budapest-choice… Then, as a result, we can hopefully greet you at our institution next year.


"Talking about Budapest means talking about a city full of energy, ideas, symbolism. You do not need to understand what is happening around you to enjoy it, and it might occur that enjoying it is the only way for you to understand it. No matter if you really achieve this knowledge or not, once you have tried it, you will never be the same person again. You will learn something forever, and this something would go with you, wherever you go, as a part of your life. When I arrived in Budapest I was afraid about the teachers, the language, the culture, and the people. Then I have grown into the classes, the language, the culture, and got accustomed to local people. I can only say that one hour before my departure I left the flat and thought, "Here I was happy, even if I do not precisely know what happiness means at all."


Alejandro Rocataliata Aquiar (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain), 2009

Here there are a few reasons to consider whether the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, as an academic destination, would suit you best.

  • Reputable engineering diplomas.
  • Modest tuition fees.
  • Economical financial conditions compared to other EU countries.
  • Multicultural environment on campus and across the capital.
  • Urban environment, easily accessible location in Central Europe.
  • Smart health insurance plan: cheap and full.
  • Assistance with accommodation arrangements: Hungarian student mentors.
  • Services are widely available on and around campus: sports facilities, health center, libraries, city life, entertainment in general.
  • Wonderful campus sites.

BME - Research University 2012


In April 2000 BME was awarded the title of a Research University, and associated with it, significant financial means to accomplish tasks identified and confirmed within the frames of the gigaproject. The most spectecular and important acquisitions made for and inside the project can be followed in flashes here.


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