Gold again!


BME GPK with 5 racing cars represented itself in the 11th International Aventics Pneumobil Competition. Out of 36 teams from 9 countries the GPK faculty teams were awarded the big gold! Congrats!



ConnCAT ELA and INPUT Program in collaboration with Széchenyi István Egyetem are offering an on-campus Entrepreneur Leadership Academy. The program consists of a seven day entrepreneurial experience including an intensive five day course of top-tier business lectures, workshops, and field trips mentored by experts and business leaders from the USA and Hungary.


Entrepreneur Leadership Academy

International Session in Győr, Hungary 2018

Széchenyi István Egyetem

Győr, Hungary

August 6-13 , 2018


Hungarian participants will be paired up with American and European students to form multi-disciplinary, multi- cultural teams for an enhanced learning experience. The teams will be learning how to turn an innovative idea into a commercially viable product or solution. The official program will close with a Business Plan presentation to a panel of international business experts.


Student Information>>>

Blood tapping at BME


Blood tapping at BME! Donate your blood in the Stokes Lab of DCs building between 11 and 16 on 9th May 2018, Wednesday. Extra gift to the first 100 tappers. You can help if you want. Be there!
AND we are VERRRRRRRRY anxious to see the new faculty member (NFM), the mascot. :-)

Mascot tender


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (GPK) has just launched its once-in-a-lifetime tender. The call is about a mascot representing GPK in the best possible way. At the end of March a new faculty member will be introduced to all of us.

New Statue in D aula


It was 60 years ago that the predecessor of the Department of Mechatronics, Optics and Mechanical Engineering Informatics was established as a new adminsitrative and scientific unit of BME.

The first professor of the Department was Nándor Rendesi Bárány. The ribbon cutting ceremony of his new statue was held mid November.

Falling Walls - hit the Final in Berlin


Finding solutions to the current problems of our world was the topic of the recently closed Falling Walls Lab event organized by the Péter Pázmány Catholic University, Facultyof IT and Bionics, and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. There were 14 young talents presenting their modern approaches, in this way, opening up new horizons. It was a pre-selection round and the best developments were as follows: an innovative heat storage, a psychology-state evaluating mouse, and a laparoscopy equipment. The prides of BME and our Faculty are Zoltán Andrássy, first place, Ádám Benke, second place, and László Jaksa, third place. A BIG congratulation to them! The international final is coming soon in November. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you! You are the best!

World Top 500 Universities


BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is among the best 500 of the world. Such an achievement has never been reached so far. See the list, and BE PROUD!

Daily News Hungary


The Daily News Hungary introduces BME as the First, Most, Best. Read the articles at the link, and find out what the writer means by these terms.

WRO final in Hungary


The WRO (World Robot Olympiad) final in Hungary was organized in Debrecen on 15-16 June 2017. 25 competitor teams took part in the contest. The international organization offered extra difficult tasks, and this may be the reason that only 18 teams showed up on site, and no more than 6 managed to collect credits in the competition. It has never happened so far that the majority of the competitors scored zero. One more reason to advertise proudly that 4 of the able competitors belonged to MOGI, BME. Even further all the three of the medalists were also MOGI teams. The first-placed group can take part in the WRO World Final in Costa Rica in November 2017.
See the gold medalists:
Coach: Richárd Lengyel
Team: Gergő Emmert, Miklós Knébel, András László Ludvig
Special thanks to András Czmerk for supporting the first team with professional pieces of advice; a Fair Play Title goes to him with full consent.

Quacquarelli Symonds


The current rankings of Quacquarelli Symonds placed 980 universities in the evaluation process. The Spanish ranking company evaluated 4000 universities out of  26 000 universities worldwide, and distributed specific ranking to the first  1000 institutions.) The first 400 got individual ranking, those placed between 401 and 500 were grouped by 10s, and the ones between 501 and 800 appeared in groups of 50s. Further rankings did not get any special performance. A total of 6 Hungarian uniuversities got into the club of 1000 out of the evaluated 4322, from among therm BME is placed 4th and can be found in the category of 751-800.

MOGI MicroMouse competition


Third time for MOGI MicroMouse competition. Beyond labirinth, speed will play an important role this year.


You have to see this. Find the English version, and read the rules. It may come handy in the future. Detailes>>>



This event is one of the highly ranked events of our faculty. This is organized in an informal way in the frames of a dinner where graduating students and professors meet with no obligations or protocol before the final exam.

After dinner a few teachers present a mocking diploma defence scenes that is normally appreciated by laughter.

This is when life music enters, and keeps togetherness, entertainment and nostalgy live until late at night in a ballroom atmosphere. This is coming up this Friday, 19 May 2017.



Register first at, then go and listen to the presentation.

MATLAB-centered presentation by Giuseppe Ridinó entitled Computer Vision and Robotics - Developing autonomous robotics applications

Time and venue: 15:30-17:30 on 24 May 2017 in Building K, upper groundfloor 85.



SLIP - These days are, by no doubt, the oldest arrangement of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. During the traditional April event the students can get freed from the world of evaluation and assessment and have some leasure with their friends for four days.

Each afternoon 200 members of 7-8 teams of competitors face the challange of professional evaluation; can justify their efficiency in several tasks to prove the ability of an engineering student. Finally, in the evenings the concerts of invited music bands entertain approximately 1000 students.

Application time for internationals


This is very soon application time for internationals. Get the idea, and judge your capacity and competence level by considering
Top 5 facts about how to become a great mechanical engineer at

BME International Evening 2017


You are cordially invited to the International Evening of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics which will be held on the 9th of March, 2017 (Thursday) at 6:30 p.m. in the Ceremony Hall of the University (H-1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rakpart 3., „K” Building, First Floor, No: 3.).

During the event the international students will introduce their home countries through performances of songs, dances and stories. During the break, the audiences will be able to taste the traditional food of various countries.

This Feast is of community interest, as such, is free of charge for all invited guests.

Ceremony for Hungarian graduates of BME GPK


On 10 March 2017 the traditional graduation ceremony for Hungarian graduates will be held. This is time for MSc graduates to pick up their ALUMNI Card that secures certain discounts for them on campus.



This is to inform you that a call for applications for mobility scholarships from/to Latin America is still open within the frame of the Erasmus Mundus project SUSTAIN-T Technologies for Sustainable Development financed by the European Commission and coordinated by Politecnico di Milano. WEBPAGE:

Graduating ceremony


The graduating ceremony of international students will take place at 11: a.m. on 2nd February 2017 in the Ceremony Hall of BME. The event is followed by a reception.

Ranking is an important indicator of quality and fame


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of BME proudly reports the results of two Hungarian rankings about 2016 presented by the publishers of two leading weekly papers of Hungary, namely Heti Válasz and Heti Világgazdaság.

Heti Válasz qualifies our Faculty as most attractive and highest quality mechanical engineering HE agent of Hungary. In 2016 our Faculty admitted the nation-wide highest number of applicants, 419 total   with the highest average quality indicator of 422,1 (as opposed to the following insitution's 327 take-ins, with  much lower relevant comparison, 280) as FIRST.

Heti Világgazdaság mainly focuses on application figures. Also in this respect our Faculty is outstanding, and takes the solid, FIRST place with 521 applicants for BSc with 422,0 quality indicator,

These applicants targetted BME GPK  in the very first place in their submitted applications. A very promising figure is 90,9% that refers to the existing foreign language exams all accross the applicants' pool.

There is no data about MSc take-ins.



Mr. Attila Szlancsik 2nd year MSc student of mechanical engineering was awarded the Dénes Gábor Scientific Student Research Scholarship for his work entitled "The Estimation and Measuring the Mechanical Features of Syntactic Foams". The student joined the research of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in the MTA-BME Research Group of Composit Technology three years ago. Congrats!!!

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is among the best of the world


On the most recently published (10 October, 2016) ranking list of the National Taiwan University Ranking (NTU), as the only faculty from Hungary, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of BME is placed 258th. Besides, there is the University of Ljubljana mentioned there, however, no more universities of technology of our neighbouring countries can be found on the list of 300 including te University of Technology of Vienna or Bratislava. On a wider prospective, nor Check or Italian universities of technology can be recognized on the list. Even further, BME with its mechanical engineering training precedes institutions like the University of Pittburgh, University of Edinburgh, University of Kaiserslautern, Trinity College Dublin, etc. In the first 300 places of the sciences list, beside the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering  there are exclusively two Hungarian instutions indicated, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Semmelweis University of Medicine and the physicist training of the Faculty of Science at ELTE.

Danish mechanical engineering students visit the Faculty


23 students from Maskinmesterskolen KBH are going to visit lectures at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering on 11th October, 2016, next Tuesday. Following the lectures a campus tour has also been prepared for them in order to give an overview on BME's spectacular premises.

Registering for the semester...


Registering for the semester and for the courses is approaching fast. Remember that this is a must to be a legally active student at BME. Timetables are available here >>>

On Ice Tonight


Traditional Mechanical Evening on ICE tonight, 24 November, 2015 organized by the Faculty Student Union and the Sport Section of GPK. A place for you! Evening skating at nigth with fellows and friends sounds very much like an attraction. If so, go to the Spike Arena at Bogdánfy Street Sport Center. Music and good atmosphere is served and granted by DJ BB. You can count on a buffet with hot wine there, however, this may not be enough to keep you warm. Get dressed properly for winter conditions, and have fun.

Open Day at BME 2015


On 27 November 2015 BME widely opens its classroom doors to all interested people; would-be applying candidates, present secondary school students, diploma holders, anybody in general who would like to get current information on what university life is like at BME, which direction engineering education is heading, what academic offers can be reached at BME. All faculties will be representing their education/research at the meetings, and interactively communicate dominant questions of those present, from the admission process all through more education/research-oriented subject matters in details. No registration is needed to get involved. A very important meeting of today with tomorrow.

Car racers in manufacturing


Term-end contest of laboratory-manufactured matchbox-sized race cars

Mechanical Engineering ranked second in demand in the global job market


Mechanical engineers, right after nurses, are second most demanded of a 200 million labour force worldwide according to BBC News.

NTU World University Ranking list


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics has been considered in the latest international university ranking. It has been placed 198th in 2012 on the NTU World University Ranking list, preceding several famous universities (e.g. Vienna University of Technology). See>>>

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